Revised Technology-Based Learning Task List for Social Work Education

BlogPost_PhotoBack in April 2016, Melanie Sage, Nancy Smyth, and I first shared a list of technology-based learning activities that we developed based on Council on Social Work Education’s Social Work Competencies from the 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS).  The purpose of this list is to help social educators infuse learning about and with technology across the social work curriculum. We have updated our list to keep with the evolving understanding of how to apply CSWE’s 2015 EPAS.  Here are the main features of the list:

– Over 100 different example assignments and learning tasks with brief directions that can be incorporated into social work courses across the curriculum.

– Assignments are designed to encourage students to share their work with a class/seminar or practicum field instructor.

– For assessment purposes, each assignment and learning task is grouped by competency and component behaviors, and then labelled with the relevant competency dimensions using the following key: K = Knowledge; V=Values; S= Skills; and CA = Cognitive and Affective Processes.

You can access the new version of the list here: Technology-Based Learning Task List for Social Work Education (Version 1.1 – 6/13/16)

We offer three points of advice when using this list:

1. Be selective when incorporating assignments into your class. It’s best to select only one or two learning tasks at a time or per course.

2. Reflect on your reasons for including the technology-based learning task in your course by asking questions such as “What learning outcomes will I achieve with this assignment?” or “What will I and the students gain with the new technology in the class?”

3. The first time you use an assignment from the list, assess your experience with it by asking for informal feedback from your students and considering your understanding of how the learning activity worked.

We would be very interested in your feedback on and experience with any of the learning tasks on this list.  Or do you have a task that we could add to the list?  Share by adding a comment to this blog post.

Suggested citation for the list:

Hitchcock, L.I., Sage, M., & Smyth, N.J. (2016). Technology-Based Learning Task List for Social Work Education (Version 1.1 – 6/13/16). Retrieved from:

Author: Laurel Hitchcock

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